About us

Established in 1994, American Travel Center serves a growing need for innovative, custom-made holidays and travel. As the global travel market becomes increasingly dominated by a handful of big tour operators, consumers have less and less choice. If you don’t want one of these mass-market, off-the-shelf holidays, you have to struggle with the internet to try to piece together a holiday on your own.

That’s where American Travel Center can help:  we create a holiday to your specific needs and interests. A ‘tailor-made’ holiday just for you.

And price? Well, you will be pleasantly surprised! Even though we create your very own customized holiday, our prices are very competitive. 

Travel experts
Most importantly, we provide two things sadly lacking in today’s travel market: service and expertise.  Service in the form of listening to what you want and striving to fulfill your wishes. And expertise in the form of years’ of hands-on travel experience.

We are more than just a booking service.  We put our vast travel experience at your disposal to create a memorable holiday experience.